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We are Monkstar

At Monkstar, we have a vision just like most organizations do. But what’s special is that our vision teams up with your passion. We are constantly on the move, thinking, innovating and transforming our ideology for you!

Thinking Light Years Ahead!

Let us explain that a little.


Our dream is to make Independent Music a standalone industry in India, a force to be reckoned with. With an unending pool of talent to work with and undying passions, both yours and ours; we are committed to the goal of building a world where music artists are the Heroes of their art and through that, can tell all their stories.

By partnering with music artistes, we seek to empower and help them grow in more ways than one. With a steady revenue monetization model, the financial aspect is taken care of along with signing live gigs, marketing their music on various online and other platforms, building them as a brand and reaching all nooks and corners they should. We leave no stone unturned to see to it that artistes realize their true potential.

Our parent company Silly Monks Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., a Multi-Channel Network on YouTube, currently manages over 800 YouTube channels and rakes in a whopping 150 million+ views per month. By leveraging the digital distribution and proportion capabilities of this, Monkstar has that extra push to offer, sky-rocketing budding artistes ahead of their peers.

This synergistic partnership with Monkstar, along with a robust combination of online presence and live gigs all taken care of by us, you’re only a step away from realizing your dream. And ours.

Team Monkstar


<strong>Sanjay Reddy</strong>

Founder/Managing Director, SillyMonks Ent. Pvt Ltd

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Sanjay Reddy

<strong>Anil Pallala</strong>

Promoter Monkstar Music LLP & Founder / CEO Silly Monks Ent. Pvt. Ltd.

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Anil Pallala



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